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  • A fully autonomous cleaning robot that can automatically charge, dispense and refill all by itself.

  • Scrubber 50 cleans 1200 m in 1 hour.
  • Less man-power required
Screenshot 2021-06-10 135931.png


  • Scrubbing, sweeping, dust moppinng and sanitizing can be done automatically at the same time.

  • Adjustable flow and distance of mist spray to maximize hygienic care

Screenshot 2021-06-10 140207.png

Vacuum 40

  • Vacuum 40 is a powerful vacuum and brush power allows the clingiest dusts on the carpet to be removed in one sweep.
  • less noise level and automatic charging.

Screenshot 2021-06-10 145635.png

Scrubber 75

  • Corner and Edge to Edge cleaning.

  • 6 hours life battery.

  • Alert and report interface.

  • Watering Saving. 

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